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Mar 22, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. police later found the suspect hiding in a bush in a driveway pointing what police believed was a gun. police shot him - and then discovered it was a home- made replica. they have not released details of the man's condition -- or his identity. parents in san leandro may be holding their children a little tighter tonight. as kron four's philippe djegal reports. police are investigating an attempted child abduction at an elementary school. >> reporter: ten minutes before school let out tuesday afternoon. the san leandro police say a 7-year-old boy. a second grade student here at jefferson elementary school. went to the bathroom. and, on his way out. police say a man grabbed him from behind and put his hand over the boy's mouth. he was not injured. police say the boy bit the man's hand and ran away. but so did the suspect. lieutenant jeff tudor says at this time. it's unclear if the suspect is a school employee or a stanger. but the victim did get a glance of the man before running away. >> "the suspect is described as a dark complected male, possibly a dark skinned hispanic male, possib
Mar 21, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the way they deal with people chronically drunk in public. kron four's jeff bush shows you how bad the problem is and the new tactics police will be using. >> reporter: unfortuntatly, this is a fairly common scene in certain parts of the city. people passed out on the sidewalkdrunk. police say these chronic inebrients cost the city a lot in time and money. >> they sometimes have to be medically transported and if they are a chronic drunk this could happen on a daily basis. we have to respond, the paramedics have to respond and take them to the hospital because they cannot stand on their own and are incapacitated. >> reporter: traditionally, these chronic inebriates would get an infraction and offered treatment programs. we don't want them out on the street but we want to provide them with the service they need. sometimes it's effective and sometimes they don't want it. but, the tough love hammer is coming soon. the city is taking a page from the san diego playbook and will charge chronic inebriates with a misdemeanor if they are picked up for public intoxication more than five time
Mar 20, 2013 11:00pm PDT
gate bridge will start all-electronic tolling next wednesday and, as jeff bush explains, the speed limit at the toll booth will also change. when you cross the bridge next wednesday morning the toll takers will be gone. and, so will the 15 mile an hour speed limit. the new speed limit of 25 miles an hour will be in place to keep traffic moving more smoothly. >> andy barclay c.h.p.: usually, other speed limit at electronic toll taking bridges are 25 m.p.h. we could raise the speed limit and hopefully help traffic flowing a bit better >> on other bridges in the bay area, the fast track lanes are set at 25 miles an hour. so, when deciding the new speed limit on the bridge, once this all goes electronic, once there's no toll takers in these booths we can raise the speed limit and help get traffic flowing through here a little better. >> reporter: which means less of this. the video was speeded up and you can see the stop and go action at the bridge when people pull up to pay the toll. bridge officals and the chp are expecting less conjestion at the toll plaza when electronic tolling co
Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
pit area. jeff the bushes at the memorial that sprung up that santa rosa at the victims parents muffler shop. >> reporter: friends and family have been stopping by all afternoon and into the evening at the family business and santa rosa. you can that a small memorial has popped up at the front door. let's take some video i show you a closer look. you can the people have dropped off flowers. stuffed animals. candles. and several pictures have been dropped off by the racers. one of them signed, it says, to my other family, we love you and pray for you. god speed. another picture says all of us are thinking about you and are here for you. this is just a sad story. one of those that died was the drivers younger cousin. you can only imagine the sorrow in the the sorrow and the pain that that family is feeling. i am geoff bush and santa rosa. >> kelly continues the team coverage and has uncovered more information about the victim and the driver. >> reporter: 14 -year-old marcus johnson known by mj was a lifelong racer according to his website. starting with smaller vehicles like go ca
Mar 19, 2013 11:00pm PDT
issue in the town of danville. kron four's jeff bush explains why some people are unhappy about the city's plan. a train hit and killed a pedestrian on the caltrain tracks in san jose today. the person was hit by a northbound train near west virginia street. the train had recently left the tamien station, and there was only one passenger on board. several other trains were delayed. full service was restored around 7:30 tonight. the death was the 4th fatality on the caltrain corridor this year. a man accused of killing three people in a drunk driving crash in daly city - pleaded not guilty today. denis demacedo is accused of crashing into a car carrying 4 people. brothers and their father - were killed. the fourth passenger remains in the hospital. demacedo is facing several charges. including three counts of d-u-i vehicular manslaughter. authorities in san jose are searching for a student who was last seen camping monday night. gabriel lorette-smith is considered at risk. he was cited monday night by police for illegally camping at henry cowell state park but hasn't been seen since.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5